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About Us


To assist companies in developing new food products efficiently and economically and with high probability of success.


To facilitate commercialization of consumer-accepted food products by providing intellectual resources and physical facilities for both start-up ventures and existing food companies via a multi-dimensional partnership. This encompasses the University of Georgia, the community, the food industry and its suppliers, and granting agencies, so as to promote economic development in the community and state through research on the development and implementation of innovative foods and technologies.

Uniqueness of the Program:

This program was initiated by the faculty of the department of food science and technology in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and associates of the University of Georgia. It is internationally recognized for development of innovative food products and discovery, for implementation of cutting-edge science and technology, and for developing innovative food products. The program forms a strategic alliance with external marketing, technology, and engineering groups to help food companies take a new product from conception, through consumer research, formulation, prototyping, shelf-life analysis, and market launch. We are guided by careful consumer preference analysis and driven by client food company profit goals. We have a fully established network of contacts and databases with which we serve new and established food companies.