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Center for Agribusiness & Economic Development: Publications

2009 Center Reports

Marketing Produce Direct to Restaurants
Kent Wolfe
May 2009 - CR-09-08

A Directory of Livestock Harvesting and Processing Facilities
Kent Wolfe and Ward Black
May 2009 - CR-09-07

2006 Georgia Turfgrass Industry
Kent Wolfe, Audrey Luke-Morgan, John Prescott and John C. McKissick
April 2009 - CR-09-06

Wine Industry Survey
Kyle Watts, Kent Wolfe, Archie Flanders and John C. McKissick
January 2009 - CR-09-05

Small Scale Biodiesel Production What you need to know before you get started.
George A. Shumaker, Audrey Luke-Morgan and John C. McKissick
August 2008 - CR-09-03

Calculating Georgia's Economic Vitality Index
Sue Boatright, Sharon P. Kane and John C. McKissick
January 2009 - CR-09-02

Georgia Economic Losses Due to 2008 Drought As Reported in FSA Loss Assessment Report Summary
Archie Flanders, Sharon P. Kane, John C. McKissick, Tommie Shepherd and Kent Wolfe
January 2009 - CR-09-01