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Center for Agribusiness & Economic Development: Publications

2005 Center Reports

Economic Vitality Index and Human Vitality Index data summaries and calculations
Katy Swickard and John McKissick
February 2005 - CR-05-01

Understanding and Using the Directory of Georgia Livestock Processing Facilities
Mike Best, Kent Wolfe and John McKissick
August 2005 - CR-05-02

A Directory of Meat Harvesting and Processing Facilities for Georgia Livestock Producers
Mike Best and Kent Wolfe
April 2005 - CR-05-03

Cattle Producer Interest on Growing Grass Fed Beef Study
Kent Wolfe, Mike Best and Bill Hodge
March 2005 - CR-05-04

Saturday Market on Broad - Community Market Business Analysis
Kent Wolfe, Archie Flanders and Cesar Escalante
November 2005 - CR-05-05
***Not available at this time***

The Economic Impact of Large Scale Dairies in Southwest Georgia
Archie Flanders and John McKissick
December 2005 - CR-05-06

A Technical and Economic Evaluation of Alternative Methods for Extending the Shelf life of Fresh Pecans
Jim Daniels, Kent Wolfe, John C. McKissick and Romeo Toledo
October 2005 - CR-05-07

A Survey of Pecan Sheller's Interest in Storage Technology
Kent Wolfe and John McKissick
December 2005 - CR-05-08

Pine Straw Market Analysis for Southwest Georgia
Kent Wolfe, Michael Best and Tucker Price
February 2005 - MA-05-01

Poultry Litter Compost Marketing Analysis
Kent Wolfe
March 2005 - MA-05-02

Poultry Litter Pelletizing Marketing Analysis
Kent Wolfe
January 2005 - MA-05-03

Hancock County Fresh Produce Market
Kent Wolfe, Michael Best and Greg Glover
March 2005 - MA-05-04

Horse Trail Riding Directory
Kent Wolfe
August 2005 - MA-05-05

2005 Georgia Commercial Hunting Directory
Kent Wolfe
September 2005 - MA-05-06

Consumers Preferences for Bagged Compost Products
Kent Wolfe and Rob Holland
August 2005 - MA-05-07

Advertising and Marketing of Farm Fresh Tattnall - Results from 2004 and 2005 survey
Kent Wolfe
September 2005 - MA-05-08

Grass Fed Milk Market Analysis
Kent Wolfe, Cesar Escalante and John McKissick
December 2005 - MA-05-09

Niche Marketing
Kent Wolfe and Michael Best
March 2005 - HT-05-01

Small Scale Poultry Processing Regulations - Table
Kent Wolfe
March 2005 - HT-05-03

Importance of Business Signs
Kent Wolfe
March 2005 - HT-05-04