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Center for Agribusiness & Economic Development: Presentations

2007 CAED Presentations

Georgia's Agricultural Biomass Production and Potential
Audrey Luke-Morgan and John C. McKissick
World Cotton Research Conference, Athens, GA
Octiber 3, 2007 — PR-07-11

Community Economic Analysis and Impacts of Georgia Cotton Production
Archie Flanders
World Cotton Research Conference, Lubbock, TX
September 10-14, 2007 — PR-07-10

BioFuels - Lessons Learned From Georgia
John C. McKissick, George Shumaker and Audrey Luke-Morgan
Southern Regional Farm Management, Marketing and Policy committee meetings,
San Antonio, TX
June 25-27, 2007 — PR-07-08

Georgia Economic and Demographic Trends - A look at Georgia economic and demographic trends for counties and extension districts - data
John C. McKissick
April 2007 — SA-07-13a

Georgia Agribusiness Outlook
John C. McKissick
March 2007 — PR-07-07

Title II: Conservation Progrms
Wes Harris and Curt Lacy
March 2007 — PR-07-06

Farm Bill 2007?
Wes Harris
March 2007 — PR-07-05

Cost Analysis Tool: O-Farm Drying and Storage
Audrey Luke-Morgan
Febuary 2007 — PR-07-03

Markets in Transition
George Schumaker
Febuary 2007 — PR-07-04

Southern Agricultural Economic Association
Archie Flanders
Febuary 2007 — PR-07-02

Beltwide Cotton Conferences
Archie Flanders
Febuary 2007 — PR-07-01

An Overview of all Titles of the House Farm Bill
August 2007
By Wes Harris