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Center for Agribusiness & Economic Development: Presentations

2005 CAED Presentations

Policy Outlook and Forward Cash Contracts
Wes Harris
January 2005 — PR-05-10

Commodity Marketing Tools: Forward Cash Contracts Basis Contracts Minimum Price Contracts
Wes Harris
February 2005 — PR-05-11

Northeast District, Cooperative Extension Service, Demographic and Economic Trends and Data - A look at demographic and economic trends in the state and specifically for counties in the NE CES District
John C. McKissick
May 2005 — SA-05-10 and SA-05-10B

What is Agri-tourism? Growing Up in Georgia Overview
Lindsey Hammock, Georgia Department of Economic Development
July 2005 — PR-05-09

Tennessee Agri-Tourism
Dan Strasser, Agriculture Marketing Specialist, Market Development Division, Tennessee Department of Agriculture
July 2005 — PR-05-08

What is Agri-tourism?
Kelly Ludwig, Director, Division of Agritourism, Office of Agriculture Marketing and Product Promotion, Kentucky Department of Agriculture
July 2005 — PR-05-07

AgTourism Forum: Vermont Farms
Kent Wolfe
August 2005 — PR-05-06

Georgia Conservation Agencies Partnership : Strategic Planning
Meeting Notes and Participant List
Wes Harris
August 2005 — PR-05-05

Conservation and Wildlife Programs
Wes Harris
May 2005 — PR-05-04

Ag Statistics for 8 Digit Hydrological Unit Code Watersheds in Georgia
Wes Harris
May 2005 — PR-05-03

Agribusiness Entrepreneurship
Michael Best and Kent Wolfe
March 2005 — PR-05-02

Agritourism and Economic Development - The Horse Trail Case
Michael Best and Katy Swickard
February 2005 — PR-05-01