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Tifton Campus: Administration: Employee Resources

Manual of Operating Procedures —
Administrative Support

Personnel Duties

New Hires-permanent (benefit eligible) or part time employees (non-benefit eligible)

Hourly Employees

Prepare required documents, obtain appropriate approval and signature, and forward documents as follows. Make copies for employee's personnel file.

All hiring forms are found in the UGA Orientation/Onboarding System. Or, individual forms can be found at: (enter key word for search).

  • Application for Classified Employment — original to Employee Records, Human Resources Dept.
  • Security Questionnaire — original to Employee Records, Human Resources Dept.
  • Employment Eligibility Verification — original kept in file in office (copy of Social Security Card and Driver's License, or other designated document)
  • University of Georgia Intellectual Property Agreement — original to Employee Records, Human Resources Dept.
  • Georgia Defined Contribution Plan (non-benefit, non-student workers) — original to Employee Records, Human Resources Dept.
  • Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security (non-benefit, non-student workers) — staple original to Georgia Defined Contribution Plan form
  • strong>Federal W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate — original to Payroll Dept.
  • State G-4 Form Withholding Allowance Certificate— original to Payroll Dept.
  • Request for Direct Deposit of Net Pay (mandatory) — original to Payroll Dept.
  • Electronic Advisement Election Form — original to Payroll Dept.


Salaried/Monthly Benefit Eligible Personnel

Prepare same documents as listed above for Hourly Employees.

Exceptions: Salaried and monthly employees are not required to complete the Georgia Defined Contribution Plan forms because they will participate in Teacher's Retirement System (TRS) or the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP). See next section on Preparation of Benefits Documents.


Preparation of Benefits Documents — Benefit Eligible Employees

Information sources and forms:

Benefit forms shall be sent to Employee Benefits.


Online Training Required for All New Hires


Terminating Personnel

  • Administrative Requirement — administrative support personnel shall not initiate the process for termination without the specific written approval of the appropriate department head. These forms are found online (enter key word for search).
  • Separation Notice — original to employee, copy to Employee Records, copy for employee file.
  • GDCP Refund Application (temporary labor only) — original to Employee Benefits, Human Resources Dept., copy for employee file.
  • Exit Interview Questionnaire — stays in employee file (unless employee is full time, then it is mailed to Employee Relations Coordinator).
  • Employee Exit Check List — stays in employee file (unless employee is full time, then it is mailed to Employee Records, Human Resources Dept.).
  • Procedure for Closing a Laboratory:
    • Request to Close a Laboratory — fax completed form to the Environmental Safety Division.
    • Closing a Laboratory — copy of signed form to be attached to the Employee Exit Checklist and forwarded to Human Resources.
    • Copies of both forms for employee file.
  • Faculty Who Are Leaving the University of Georgia — send form to Department Head for signature.


Post Annual/Sick Leave

(Formal training needed)


Hourly Personnel Reports

(Formal training needed)
Account numbers for personnels will be provided by bookkeeper. Personnels are electronic, acquire required signature, original copy for employee file and copy to Tifton Campus Business Office.


Hourly Payroll, Salary and Monthly Payroll

(Formal training needed)

Supporting documents needed for any changes made to vouchers (i.e. copy of personnel report reflecting change made). These supporting documents will be faxed upon approval of payroll.

Hourly documentation will go to Carol Wood; Salary documentation to Tiffany Haag and Monthly documentation to Tiffany Haag (all are located in Payroll, Fax 706/542-6767). Print copies of payroll vouchers before approving, attach to time sheets, and supporting documentation. File in office.

To add account numbers for hourly payroll, e-mail; for salary payroll, e-mail; for monthly, e-mail and cc:, Subject: New Account Numbers for Hourly Payroll; Text: Please add the following account numbers for (dates covered on payroll) type of payroll, i.e. hourly, salary or monthly payroll. Set up approval path same as account number.


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