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Tifton Campus: Administration: Employee Resources

Manual of Operating Procedures —
Administrative Support Staff

Miscellaneous Duties

Maintaining Personnel Data Base

Must be appointed contact person for department. Enter employee information, active and inactive status.

Grant Preparation

Will help project leaders as needed in (i.e. transmittal forms and cover sheets, and CAES Federal/State reporting form.)
Bookkeeper will be responsible for budget sheet and disseminating completed documents.

Worker Compensation Forms

A detailed description of what to do and what forms you need to complete are given at this website. Send completed forms to Tifton Campus Business Office.

Annual Equipment Inventory

Responsible for disseminating to project leaders for verification, and compile completed inventory report. Send completed and signed copy to Property Control in Athens. Copy of completed inventory can be kept in office (at discretion of Department).

Annual Chemical Inventory

Responsible for collecting information from project leaders and compiling into one file to be sent to Safety Chairman. Each project leader should compile an Excel Spreadsheet file of their chemical inventory and provide you a copy. You will merge all project inventories into one file, and keep a copy for office file.

Annual CRIS Reports

Each Project Leader is responsible for preparing an Annual Progress Report on their project. This report can be first typed in a word processing program and copied into the CRIS program. Submitted online. Some training will be needed for this.

Annual Faculty Activity Planning and Summary Reports

(Example will be provided)
Original sent to Department Head, copy kept on file.

Annual Staff Evaluation Forms

Supervisor will provide information for input on each of their employees. Original signed evaluation will go to Department Head, and a copy kept in employee file (per Unit).


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