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Manual of Operating Procedures — Administrative Support Staff


Dispersing Petty Cash Funds and Collecting Returned Petty Cash Receipts

(Training on what can and cannot be purchased on Petty Cash will be available)
Document each receipt with project to be charged so bookkeeper can assign account numbers. This could be done by either having folders for each Project Leader and filing receipts in their folders, or writing account numbers on receipts as they are received.

Prepare petty cash voucher for each account ( — enter key word "voucher" for search) by typing in purchases as designated on the form. When vouchers are completed you will tape receipts to a 8.5 x 11 size paper, for easier handling.

Prepare electronic check requests (which will state "To reimburse Petty Cash Expenditures per attached vouchers: [# of vouchers attached] and No. of Purchases").

Send a copy of check request, vouchers and receipts to the Tifton Campus Business Office for approval before submitting. Upon receiving signed copies of vouchers from Business Office, you will scan vouchers and receipts into a PDF file and attach to electronic check requests and submit. File check request along with signed vouchers and original receipts in the office.

(See Appendix I for example.)

P-Card Purchases

(Formal training required)

P-Card transactions are electronic through "Works" Program. P-card holders will be entered into system for access to "Works," and trained on program. There are 3 processing stations: Card Holder, Proxy, and Manager.

When bank statements are received, the P-Card holder will need to attach receipts to statement. P-Card holder and Manager need to sign bank statement. Original bank statement and receipts are kept on site.

P-Card Adjustments

(Formal training required)
P-Card adjustments are made only if you are wanting to transfer a charge that has already cleared the "Works" program to an account other than the one charge to in "Works." You will need to check Arrow Report for the P-Card charge. The TP# that is required on the P-Card Adjustment form will appear on the Arrow Report. ( — enter key word "adjustment" for search). Sign submitted by and let bookkeeper sign and forward original to Chad Cleveland, Accounting Dept., keep copy in office file.

(See Appendix II for example.)

Electronic Purchasing

(Formal training required)

Electronic purchase orders are to be initiated by administrative support staff, approved by the bookkeeper with account numbers assigned by bookkeeper. Administrative support staff will be responsible for E-prove of purchase orders (training to be provided). To add account numbers for the electronic purchasing system, send e-mail to and cc: Subject: New Account for Purchasing. Text: Please add acct# ...... for electronic purchasing. Setup approval path the same as acct# ......

Electronic Check Requests

(Formal training required)

Electronic check requests program:

Those who initiate a check request will not be able to approve the same request. Check requests will have a path of approval they will follow. This may vary with each department. Receipts/bills/invoices that accompany check request are to be scanned into a (preferably) PDF file not more than 512K in size. This document will later be attached to the check request. Communicate with bookkeeper for account numbers and prepare check request. Under the description type invoice #, date of service, service provided, i.e. Cylinder Rental, UPS Shipping. Check request with supporting documents attached are filed in appropriate file.

(See Appendix III for example.)

For those not on electronic check request yet, the original paper check request is sent to Accounts Payable Dept. with supporting document. Check requests with a sponsored account number should be sent to the UGA Contracts and Grants Office. Remove blue copy of check request and file with copy of bill attached in appropriate file.

Out of State Travel Authority

Out of State Travel Authority form: — enter key word "travel" for search

To prepare an Out of State Travel Authority, the person wishing to travel will provide estimates of expenses, i.e. lodging, meals, transportation, etc., dates of trip, and purpose of trip. Bookkeeper will provide account number for TA to be charged to. Have traveler sign and acquire REI signature and forward to Department Head or as designated by Unit. International Out of State Travel Authorities must be forwarded to Department Head and they will forward them to the Dean for approval. A letter of justification of trip needs to be prepared by the traveler which will accompany the International TA. Keep the blue copy of the TA and file. To see if TA is approved, you will check Arrow to see if TA is encumbered. IF the TA is encumbered then it is approved. (Travel authority requests that have no expenses to encumber are automatically approved.)

After trip is made and traveler returns with receipts for expenses, prepare travel expense statement form ( — enter key word "travel" for search) and prepare e-check request using the account number on TA for reimbursement. Check request will show Travel: (where), Dates: (dates of travel); and Purpose of Trip: (as stated on TA). Receipts must be taped on 8.5 x 11 paper. Signed travel expense statement along with supporting documents will be scanned into a PDF file and attached to e-check. The original check request, expense statement, receipts and TA will be filed in appropriate file. (Training on rules for accepted travel expenses will be available.)

(See Appendix IV for example.)

Faculty Travel Expenses for In-State Travel

(Regulations and guidelines are available)

Expense statements ( — enter key word "travel" for search) are prepared and given to bookkeeper for account numbers. Faculty travel expenses may be paid with Petty Cash funds or have check requests issued for reimbursements. Check request will show Travel: (where), Dates: (dates of travel); and Purpose of Trip: (ask traveler). Tape receipts on 8.5 x 11 paper, acquire necessary signatures for expense statement and scan documents into a PDF file to attach to check request. Check request with expense statement and supporting documents will be kept in appropriate office file.

(See Appendix V for example.)

Technical and Other Travel

Can be paid from Petty Cash. To get reimbursement for travel out of Petty Cash, you will do a Petty Cash Voucher, travel expense statement (acquire signatures), and a Travel Distribution form (

Prepare check request for travel only. The statement on the check request will read "To reimburse Petty Cash Travel per attached vouchers: [# of vouchers attached] and No. of Travels: #;" also see Travel Distribution for more information. Send copies of check request and supporting documents to the Tifton Campus Business Office for approval before submitting electronic check request. Scan supporting documents into PDF file and attach to check request for submitting. File check request along with voucher, expense statement and receipts in appropriate file in office.


These forms are on-line These forms are to be used to provide payment for other types of services; i.e. travel expense for visiting scientists, prospective employees coming for interviews, consulting, etc. Attach supporting documents for expenses claimed. Acquire necessary signatures and send original with supporting documents to Dept. Head, and keep white copy with copy of supporting documents and file in appropriate file in office.

(See Appendix VI for example.)


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