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Griffin Campus: Departments

Facilities Management Division

Campus mapThe Facilities Management Division (FMD) is a service-oriented organization that supports the extension, education and research endeavors of the Griffin Campus. The services offered are in the areas of administration, engineering, operations, maintenance and repairs, construction and renovations, security and safety.

Facilities Management Division Work Order Form

A supportive function in the areas of utilities, insurance, property inventory and disposal, hazardous waste disposal, safety, security and biosafety plans.

Planning, design, preparation of plans and specifications, cost estimates, and contract establishment services are provided.

Heating, cooling, ventilation and providing a functional environment in which work may be performed or services which are often not noticed until missing. Other services include custodial and mail services.

Emergency repairs, scheduled repairs and preventive maintenance are performed on buildings throughout the campus and at farm locations.

All construction on campus is either performed by or approved by the Physical Plant. Trades are provided by carpentry, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, painting, welding and variations of these trades.

A security force is maintained for the protection of the facilities, property and personal protection when the campus is normally closed.

The everyday practice of providing a safe work place is a normal task of the Physical Plant staff. Work is routinely scheduled and performed to keep safe, such as fire code compliance, servicing of fire fighting equipment and extinguishers and checking general conditions for unsafe conditions, such as fire or electrical hazards. The Physical Plant strives to provide a safe, healthy, pleasant environment in which all members of the Griffin Campus community may accomplish their professional goals with as little interruption and interference as possible.

Dale Hess, Unit Head
Phone: 770/228-7224
Pager: 770/655-5401
Fax: 770/412-4008
E-mail: dhess at