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Griffin Campus: Envirotron

Facilities & Future Growth

Initiated through a grant from the Georgia Research Alliance, the Georgia Envirotron is located on the Griffin Campus of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. (map)

  • Sixteen Conviron growth chambers, including 72-sq ft CG72, 36-sq ft PGW36, ATC40, and E15 series. Chambers are equipped with high intensity lighting with temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide control, and automated watering system. E15 chambers can support low temperature regime (T min = -15 C).
  • Laboratory and work space in the 6000-sq ft Envirotron work building. The laboratory is equipped with GC, UV-Vis, pH meters, centrifuge, microscopes and other basic equipment.
  • Eight JanCo greenhouses, each 22 x 24 ft, with ridge vents, evaporative coolers, gas heaters and supplemental lighting.
  • Four automated rainout shelters with transparent cover for conducting controlled water research with one sheltered lysimeter station.



Available Equipment

Plant Photophysiology Studies
LumiGrow Pro LED Lights sets are available with adjustable amount of red, blue, and white light to be customized to growing needs. LI-COR spectroradiometer, customized gas exchange chambers, leaf area meter (LI-COR 3100), and other relevant instrumentation can be deployed at the Envirotron in plant photophysiology experimentation.

Plexiglas Chambers Setup for Gases Studies
Plexiglas chambers setup for Ozone or other gases studies in Floricultural Greenhouses is available for use at the Envirotron. Experiment description presented at ASABE Meeting can be downloaded here.


Future Growth

Future Envirotron development will increase the scope of the research that can be conducted, especially in terms of environmental variables to be controlled and spatial scale.

Future developments include: install drainage lysimeters in greenhouses; complete an upgrade of greenhouse controllers; install gas exchange system to growth chambers; and assemble rapid cycle temperature chamber.

In addition, in order to promote research collaboration with scientists from other locations, we will post Envirotron treatments and data on an FTP or Web site to make them accessible via the internet.