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Entomology: UGA Honey Bee Program

Young Harris Beekeeping Institute
Instructors and Staff

2014 Special Guest Lecturers

Dr. Mark WinstonMark Winston

Dr. Winston is that rare individual, a scientist who can speak eloquently to the public. Recognized as a leading expert on bees and pollination, Dr. Winston has had a distinguished career researching, teaching, writing and commenting on bees and agriculture, environmental issues and science policy. He currently directs the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, teaches in the Banff Centre's Science Communication program, and consults widely on utilizing dialogue to develop leadership and communication skills, focus on strategic planning, inspire organizational change, and thoughtfully engage public audiences with controversial issues. Winston’s work has appeared in numerous books, commentary columns, and frequently on radio and television. He is the award-winning author of "The Biology of the Honey Bee," "Killer Bees: The Africanized Honey Bee in the Americas," and "From Where I Sit: Essays on Bees, Beekeeping, and Science."

Dennis vanEnglesdorpDennis vanEnglesdorp

Dennis is the Assistant Research Scientist, Department of Entomology, University of Maryland, and the Project Director of BEE INFORMED, and an authority on Colony Collapse Disorder. He started keeping bees after taking an undergraduate course in beekeeping at the University of Guelph, Canada. Once “stung,” he pursued a Master’s degree in Apiculture. He has since worked for the Canadian Government as a consultant to the Antigua Beekeepers Cooperative, in the West Indies. He returned north to work at Cornell University as an extensionist, where he helped develop their master beekeeping program. He was then recruited as the Acting State Apiarist for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, through a contract with Penn State University. This position ignited his interest in honey bee epidemiology, a research area which he incorporated into his PhD thesis, “Morbidity and Mortality in the Bee Yard,” which he completed in May 2011.

Dr. Giles BudgeGiles Budge
Giles is the research coordinator for the National Bee Unit at the Food and Environment Research Agency in York, England Giles has 18 years experience conducting applied research across three national organizations using molecular methods and modelling to investigate the biology of organisms that cause disease in honey bees. His background is in plant and insect pathology.

Phil CraftPhil Craft

Phil is a popular writer for Bee Culture Magazine, and his Q&A column is titled “Ask ‘Dr.’ Phil.” He served as the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s State Apiarist from 1999 through 2011. He is a graduate of Oberlin College in Ohio (BA in biology), and the University of Kentucky (BS in civil engineering). He is a past president and past chairman of the Heartland Apicultural Society, past program chairman of Eastern Apicultural Society, and past president of the Apiary Inspectors of America. Phil serves as a honey judge, maintains a national speaking schedule, and keeps a helpful website for beekeepers, Phil Craft Hive Craft.

Permanent Instructors

Dr. Paul Arnold

Co-founder & host of the YH/UGA Beekeeping Institute and Professor of Biology at Young Harris College. A true field botanist, Dr. Arnold brings to the Institute a special expertise in nectar-producing and vector-pollinator-dependent plants and the interesting aspects of their pollen.

Jennifer Berry, MS

For the past fourteen years, Jennifer Berry has been the Research Coordinator and Lab Manager for the University of Georgia Honey Bee Program. Her research and extension objectives have concentrated on the sub-lethal effects of pesticides on honey bees, a queen breeding program, incorporating IPM techniques for varroa mite and small hive beetle control. Recently, Jennifer has undertaken an ambitious campaign to educate the public about the importance of honey bees and how to reduce pesticide use. She is a regular columnist for Bee Culture magazine and, occasionally, for Bee World (along with a few others across the pond). She travels extensively to speak to local, state, national and international beekeeping associations. After work and on weekends, Jennifer operates Honey Pond Farm, a queen and nuc business, which focuses on rearing healthy bees while selecting for longevity, pest resistance and honey production.

Dr. Keith Delaplane

Co-founder of the YH/UGA Beekeeping Institute, Professor of Entomology at the University of Georgia, and author of "First Lessons in Beekeeping." Dr. Delaplane has worked with honey bees for 33 years and his research and extension work is focused on Varroa IPM and pollination. He is responsible for over 68 academic publications, as well as numerous books, periodical articles and video series.

UGA Honey Bee Lab Staff Young Harris Beekeeping Institute










Additional Instructors

Cyndi Ball is a beekeeping educator, advocate for sustainable farming practices, and owner of lazy b farms,

Keith Fielder is Putnam County Extension Director with the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service.

Lonnie Funderburg is a Georgia Master Beekeeper and 2-term president of the Alabama Beekeepers Association.

Cindy Hodges is a Georgia Master Beekeeper, President of the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association, and 2012 Georgia Beekeeper of the Year.

Dan Harris is a popular beekeeping instructor in Clark Co., a former technician with the UGA Bee Lab, and the owner/operator of Booger Hill Bee Company in Danielsville.

Will Montgomery is a Georgia Master Beekeeper and veteran instructor of the YH-UGA Beekeeping Institute.

Brett Nolan is an Entomology PhD student under Dr. Delaplane, and a research technician at the Honey Bee Lab.

Will Dix applies his expertise as a practicing physician in Athens and a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians to presentations on apiary safety and sting first aid. Will is a Georgia Master Beekeeper.

Bill Owens is past-president of the Georgia Beekeeper Association and a Georgia Master Craftsman beekeeper.

Philip Quinn is a Georgia Master Beekeeper, the 2014 Conference Coordinator of the YH-UGA Bee Institute, as well as a research technician at the UGA Honey Bee Lab.

Damon Wallace is a Georgia Master Beekeeper from Opelika, Alabama, President of the Alabama Beekeepers Association, and Welsh Honey Judge.

Amy Weeks is a Georgia Master Craftsman Beekeeper and queen breeder from Louisiana.

Nicholas Weaver is a research project supervisor at the UGA Honey Bee Lab.

Conference ManagerTabitha Davidson Weaver


Tabitha Davidson Weaver is the onsite manager of the conference. You will meet her at the Welcome/Check-in Table when you arrive and rely on her for answers to any questions that you might have throughout the weekend. She will post information on any last-minute room changes or other resolved event issues for your convenience. Please be sure to turn in your conference feedback evaluations to Tabitha before you leave.